"H" is for hosta I've been having problems finding examples of H, I, J, etc in my garden. But then I found my hosta plant which is a little the worse for wear after surviving insects and a recent torrential rain. So here it is, lit by the dappled light from my dogwood tree, warts and all, but it is a realistic, if not beautiful "H". But that's not the end of the story, since I looked over at my next door neighbours yard and saw some colourful pink hostas that looked quite perfect, so I went next door and photographed them. The joke was on me, since, when I looked at an enlarged version of the beautiful photo I took of the pink hosta, it turned out to be a fake hosta, made of some kind of cloth, LOL! You can see it here: http://goo.gl/OtRAiA - allenfotowild